We manufacture steel profiles for the most important multinationals in the business.

We develop specific products for each application in collaboration with our customers, under the most strict quality requirements. We adapt our products to the industrial processes of our customers.

These are the parts that some of our customers manufacture: connecting rods, gear boxes, gear disks, shock absorbers, seats, doors, hinges, steering wheels, wheel balances, car jacks, general metal stamping, etc.

Shock absorbes
Brake systems
Springs for seats
Gear rings
Other stamping

Windows and doors

Profiles developed for hinged windows and doors manufacturers, following our customers’ technical specifications.

We collaborate in the engineering development to guarantee a continuous improvement of our customer’s products and industrial processes.

Profiles for windows and doors
Folding doors


Armored doors, multi-point doors, safes, security doors and windows hinges, door closers…

Locks and doors closers


Metal floors, pipes fixings wire fences, metal grills, buildings…

Fixings. metal grill, buldings


We develop profiles for all kinds of mobility systems:

Motorcycles, bicycles, autobuses, snow bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, baby carriages, lifting systems, shopping carts, etc.

Stairs lifts
Transmission chain
Baby strollers

Electrical devices

Lighting, electric and gas boilers, electric motors, air conditioning systems, heat generators, electrical terminals…

Electrical terminals and general stamping


Drill presses, microscopes, precision tools, rakes, flat springs, hacksaws, sealing guns…

Bar clamps, Sealieng guns

Furniture parts / Home appliances

We manufacture a broad range of profiles for diverse industrial, urban, and home applications.

Electrical cabinets, lockers, shopping carts, hospital carts, urban furniture, containers, adjustable beds, tables and chairs, emergency doors, gardening tools, garden furniture, awnings, heaters, radiators, boilers, pans, skillets, grills, bathroom furniture, etc.

Bathroom furniture, adjustanble furniture, garden elements
Kitchen goods
Home appliances
Bathroom furniture


Rakes, poultry farm care, agricultural tools, mowers, enclosures…

Poultry farm care


Toys, vending machines, arcade machines, traffic lights, outdoor advertising, forged art, oil transport, special machinery…

Oil transport